September 18, 2014

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What are the Best Leatherman Multi Tool?

Multi-tools allow people to access several tools in one product. It eliminates the need for bulky tool box, especially if there’s no need for it. If you don’t need these tools, having a multi-tool will be the perfect tool for you. Finding the top multi-tool is simple as long as you choose among the top brands like Leatherman.

The question is what are the best Leatherman multi tool for you? Leatherman, deemed as the leading name in the market, offers a wide array of multi-tool that you can get for your home or road use. To give you an idea, here I have put a small introduction of 3 top Leatherman tools to choose and get for your home. Click on the the tool title to read the full review.

Skeletool CX

Skeletool is available with seven tools that suit basic repair needs. Even with the number of tools, Skeletool CX folds into 3-inch by 4-inch frame that guarantees utmost portability. Bring it anywhere you go and be guaranteed to fix several damages that require tools like knife, wire cutters, pliers, bit drivers, and others. Bottle opener are also is also included in this tool.


Blast is also one of the best Leatherman accessories offered among buyers. It consists of several tools like miniature tools, metal files, scissors and others that complete this 16-tool set. Aside from having more tools, Blast is also designed with more durable than others. It’s constructed from stainless steel that have increased anti-corrosive features that guarantee the item will be protected from this famous opponent of steel.

Juice CS4

This tool boasts with a wide array of tools just like Blast and with a smaller frame than competitors. Tools include plier, knife, bottle and can openers, saw, awl, screwdrivers, corkscrew and many more. One of the good things about this tool is that it stands out among Leatherman accessories with its offered frame color.

Leatherman tools in general

Leatherman’s other lineups emerge the best in the market because of their enhanced features. You can trust the brand for its durability that guarantees the main frame and its components are sure to last more than two decades. Warranty is also backed, assuring every buyer to get the quality the brand promised.

The company also didn’t forget to invest on the materials used in building each multi-tool. High-caliber stainless steel materials are used in manufacturing tool components and main frame. Toolsets are also designed to assure comfort because of their ergonomic style. Hold the tool with ease, which doesn’t only help prevent pressure or shock but also fix without problems as you grip the tool.

As for overall style, you can be guaranteed that Leatherman tools possess the distinct look. The brand strives in coming up with the most stylish tool set as manifested in the Juice series.

Leatherman accessories for your multi tools may also be available in stores, which add versatility to your purchased item. The good thing about these tools is they come in reasonable prices that suit your budget, especially if you’ve been overwhelmed by the prices of other multitools online.

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