September 18, 2014

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Review of Gerber Suspension Multi Tool

One of the good things about multitools is its ability to spare people from bringing a large toolbox for outdoor activities. They are considered as survival kits in a small package, which is a MUST for nature trips or camping. Carrying one anywhere and be prepared for any problems that may come along the way is a good habit of any adventurer. Gerber Suspension Multi Tool is one of the famous survival multitools that many people use today.

Leatherman tops the market when it comes to selling pocket tool sets. Nonetheless, Gerber also proves its ability to match the leading brand’s offer through its model – Gerber Suspension Multi Tool.

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Gerber Suspension Multi Tool review – Features

Solid and sturdy physique

Suspension Multi-Tool is a portable toolset, but with bulkier body compared to Leatherman’s products. The handle grip is larger and constructed from highly sturdy material. Weight is also heavier than conventional multi-tool at 9 ounces. When closed, its length of around 3.5 inches, which is already compact and something that can fit in your pocket.

Long list of durable tools on the go

This Gerber Multi-tool combats its competitors by matching their offers with a long high quality selection of tools. Tool collection is one of the reasons why it has larger body. Tools you get include:

  • Needle-nose pliers
  • Knives
  • Screwdrivers
  • Saw
  • Bottle and can openers
  • Landyard hole
  • Scissors

Be confident wherever you go out for camping or any other outdoor trips with this multitool. Fix virtually anything with this tool while on the go. Excellent companion for your EDC gear tools.

Aside from having numerous tools, many Gerber Suspension Multi-Tool review entries online praise this product for having uniquely designed tools that will work effectively for specific projects. For instance, its scissors and knife look sturdier despite their shorter length, allowing you to cut thicker materials without problems.

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Easy tool access

Gerber Suspension Multi-Tool offers convenience in accessing your needed tool. It has a release button that will help bring out the tool that you need. With little practice you will be able to one-hand open your tools thanks to its easy open tab. This is a good feature if you want to get you repair task started immediately and one of your hands is busy. All you need to do is to access the release button and start working with the tool.

Using your pliers are really easy as well thanks to its spring-loaded open, so you basically can open them automatically.

Handling and grip

Handling can be challenging for some users due to its size. Nonetheless, it still functions as promised. People with larger hands or wider palms will find this product a joy to use.

This tools also works perfectly if you are wearing working gloves.

Availability of optional tool kit

When you obtained a multi-tool, you can expect that all the tools that you need are already in it. However, Gerber Suspension Multi-Tool is offered with an optional kit that gives this product more versatility. The package includes several screwdriver bits and other accessories that make your Gerber Suspension more useful than its standalone offer. Again, this item is optional and you don’t have to buy it if you don’t want to.

Impressed users also write their Gerber Suspension Multi-Tool review posts online after this tool worked for them effectively. Quality and complete solution, Suspension Multi-tool will be the perfect item you can bring anywhere. As for the price, you’ll get value for your money due to its function and durability. This tool is in our Best Multitool Chart for you can compare it against popular multitools.

Gerber Suspension Multi-Tool Video Review by sootch00

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