September 18, 2014

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Kershaw 1605 Clash Folding Knife with SpeedSafe Review

Kershaw Clash Review – Why I Recommend this Folding Knife

I do not own that many knives since I am not really a collector, although I do purchase a few of them every now and then since I need knives for my regular camping trips. While searching for some high quality folding knives online, I came across with many positives reviews about the Kershaw Clash folding knife.

Now looking at the price, which is less than $50 only, I thought that maybe a low price is just the way to convincing people to purchase the knife. But because I am really familiar with the different features of folding knives out there, I decided to give the Kershaw Clash a try and compare its features with other Kershaw knives. For less than $50 only, I figured that it wouldn’t really hurt my pocket.

Kershaw 1605 Clash Folding Knife with SpeedSafe Review

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Great Features

Kershaw  Clash ReviewOverall, I would say that my favorite feature of the Kershaw Class is the flipper opener. It works really great. You just simply exert a one firm pull on it and the blade jumps out immediately with a satisfying thwack, without any wrist motion required.

Unlike other folding knives, the Kershaw Clash does not come with any thumbstud, although you can manually pull the blade out easily, if there is a need to. Another feature that impressed me the most and is worth mentioning on this review is the highly impressive contour which goes well with your index finger so you can pretty much handle the knife with ease. I think this is an important aspect in any folding knife, especially those folding knives that come with a very smooth texture. The knife also comes with a sharp edge and you won’t encounter any problems when using it to cut even the hardest rope.

Excellent Quality

I have owned the knife for about four months now and I would say that it is still in excellent condition, similar to how it looked like when it was fresh out of the box. This should be enough to conclude on this Kershaw Clash assessment that the knife is indeed of excellent quality. I use it almost everyday even on minor cutting jobs at home and my camping trips. In fact, some of my friends commented at how great the knife is and they were surprised to know that I got it for less than 50 bucks only.


I would give the Kershaw Clash an excellent score and I would like to point out that not all affordable products are actually low performing. The Kershaw Clash is proof that you do not need to spend a hundred bucks just to have a high quality and great performing folding knife.

But aside from its excellent quality, it should be noted that the Kershaw Clash comes with several great features as well, which are really impressive. So for those who are looking for a great quality-folding knife that is easy on the pocket, the Kershaw Clash is highly recommended.

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