September 20, 2014

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Kershaw Ken Onion Leek Folding Knife with Speed Safe Review

Kershaw Leek Folding Knife – Sleek Looking Knife at a Price you Can Afford

If you are looking for a wonderful folding knife, then the Kershaw Leek folding knife is what you need.  It is very versatile and features an excellent construction; yet, you would be surprised to know that this folding knife doesn’t cost a lot. Well, I myself was surprised as well. Perhaps like me, you are also an avid knife collector, which is why you came across with this review of the Leek folding knife. You have come to the right place, because I will be sharing here my thoughts and experiences about using this folding knife from Kershaw.

Top Features

  • Strong half serrated knife with assisted opening system.
  • Can be easily opened using either your left hand or right hand.
  • Excellent knife for fishing or hunting.
  • Stainless steel body and 14C28N steel for the blade.

Excellent Design

At first look, it is safe to conclude that the Kershaw Leek indeed, has an excellent design. In fact, I would imagine that not a lot of people would argue against me when I say that the design is brilliant. The entire knife is sleek and elegant looking and I love how it flips smoothly. The Kershaw Leek folding knife also comes with a blade lock feature and the blade measures at 3 inches long. It comes with a four inches handle as well, so all in all, the knife measures at seven inches long but it weighs three ounces only. Indeed, it is one of my favorite knives to carry around.

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Fit and Finish

I would say that the overall fit and finish of the Leek knife is not as excellent as some of the more expensive brands of folding knives out there. Additionally, I love how all of the edges of the knives are so clean and smooth. The handle of the knife makes for a wonderful carry, allowing the knife to smoothly glide in and out of the pocket while the clip is substantial enough that you are sure it won’t flop. The texture of the flipper is great as well, although what I have actually noticed is that the flipper seems a bit lazy, as compared to the other folding knives I have owned in the past. I would say it is lazy because it does not act as fast as it should. But in fairness, the flipper does not create any noise, which I honestly like a lot.

Awesome Video Review


With all the great things that I have been blabbing here about the Kershaw Leek knife, that should be enough to convince you that this knife is what you should include in your collection. I would even recommend this to campers who need a knife that they can easily carry on their pocket when they are out on a camping trip. The knife is very versatile so you can use it for almost everything. It has a sleek design as well, so those who are in need of a good-looking knife that they can show off will find this the perfect folding knife to buy.  The Leek also features an excellent construction and is known for its excellent durability. If you are not convinced, then why don’t you give the knife a try yourself? It costs less than $50 only, so there should be no reason why you should not buy this folding knife.

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