September 20, 2014

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Leatherman Juice S2 Review

People who love outdoor adventures like camping need their multitools to complete specific tasks. They use knives for cleaning their catch for the day, opening cans, tent pitching, and repairs if they have other tools. While multitools may have limited tools, Juice S2 from Leatherman emerges as one of the best portable multitools to bring outdoors due to its offered tools.

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About Leatherman

Leatherman is famous for being an outdoor-loving individual’s best friend. Its brand is currently hailed as the top manufacturer of multitools like Juice S2, which are portable, easy to carry, budget friendly, while extending a wide array of tools users will find beneficial. If you’re considering this multitool, better read this Review to teach you what it offers.

Leatherman Juice S2 Packs a Wide Array of Tools

While other toolsets have limited items that you can use, Leatherman Juice S2 stands out with a variety of quick access tools for you to use.

Tools included are:

  • Large knife
  • Wood/metal saw
  • Pliers and wire cutters
  • Large spring action scissors
  • Screwdrivers
  • Anodized aluminum exterior handles

Outdoor adventures always come with different problems that won’t be fixed using only your knife. There are instances when your rod may have problems or some electrical issues may occur in your car. All the tools included in Juice S2 ensure you’ll have means to fix these problems and avoid getting in the way of your activity while in the wild. Tighten bolts and nuts, fix hooks, cut wires for rewiring, and many more. One tool-set is all you need to make these tasks possible. Don’t worry and feel confident while enjoying the outdoors as this tool will be with you for any repair needs.

Enhanced durability

Unlike your regular multitool, Leatherman Juice S2 is expected to do more tasks for you. More uses mean subjecting the tool to more abuse than expected. You don’t have to worry as Leatherman, the creator of the famous and best seller Charge TTi multitool, enhanced this product with better durability, assuring every user that no task is too small or too big for it. This high caliber durability is not only visible in Juice S2, but also to its other toolset products.

Lightweight feature

One of the cited features in a Juice S2 Review is its lightweight feature. Weighting 4.4 ounces, you can easily bring this item anywhere by clipping it on your belt or keeping it inside your pocket. It won’t burden or limit your movement since it’s very light compared to similar items.

Warranty up to 25 years

Leatherman is very confident that this product will do its tasks effectively as promised. The company offers up to 25 years of warranty on Leatherman Juice S2, as well as its other products, which is a guarantee they will last for a long time. Long lasting items mean more value for consumers’ money, especially if they frequently go out for different activities.

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There are many positives comments for this tool because of its product’s overall features. Check its price online and see how it works as an investment if you love exploring the outdoors. Looking for more options? Then you can check our Leatherman Squirt PS4 and see which tool is more suitable for you.

Finally, I want to share a video with you all guys done by NutNfancy about this tool. Hope you like it!

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