October 30, 2014

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Leatherman MUT Multi Tool Review

There is a simple truth when it comes to a few things in life, taxes will always be paid, no one lives forever and guns get dirty. Perhaps the next great advance in firearms will be the self-cleaning gun or ammunition that doesn’t leave residue. Until then though we buy cleaning kits, oils, solvents, and tools to break weapons down to the smallest pieces. This is where the Leatherman MUT Multi Tool comes in.


Leatherman MUT review: First Thing to Mention

Leatherman has always been my go to company for multi tools and you can see we have ranked many Leatherman multitools on the chart, because they are unique in quality and performance. I’ve packed one variant or another for the last five years. I own multiple sizes for multiple jobs, and I love when one wears out so I can buy a newer model. Don’t get me wrong, wearing one out is a challenge. Leatherman’s quality is infused in every tool they release.

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Is this your tool?

The Leatherman MUT tool is unique, in the fact it was designed for shooters, for people of the gun. The MUT is at home hanging off a Marine’s flak jacket overseas, hooked on the duty belt of law enforcement officers, and in the pocket of the shooting enthusiasts. The MUT is the perfect tool to aid in basic maintenance and especially cleaning of a firearm. The multi tool is most useful when using it with the AR series of rifles, which most military and law enforcement will be armed with, and are one of the most popular civilian rifles in the market.

Best Features

Pliers and Wire Cutters

The MUT multi tool is no just a tool for weapon’s maintenance. The tool does feature some of the same tools Leatherman has always featured.  Let’s start with the Pliers. The pliers of the MUT multi tool have been over engineered, and designed to be stronger and last longer. They are noticeably bigger, but the increased durability is well worth it.

The wire cutters have always been the Achilles heel of pliers. They are used for a variety of purposes, and this isn’t always to cut wires. Wire cutters are a valuable tool, but do wear out. The MUT features a removable and replaceable set of wire cutters. Being able to replace these wire cutters is a blessing. Let’s face it, most of us wear out a pair of wire cutters and then deal with it. We let it go for a time, but the frustration of having bad wire cutters will be more and more frustrated until it gets the best of us and we replace the multi tool. So it’s a cheaper and more affordable option to just replace the wire cutters.

Redesigned Screw Drivers

Leatherman also impressed the hell out of me with the way they redesigned the screw drivers. Honestly I can’t believe it took this long to engineer the screw drivers the way Leatherman did with the MUT. Previous multi tools treated screw drivers as tools that folded out like every other attachment, usually being stuck with one Phillips head. The MUT uses multiple heads that attach to a bit driver. The different screw driver heads are stored securely on the knife. The bits included are different sizes and types including a two Phillips, a Torx and a Hex.  You can also order back up bits, just in case you extra.

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High Quality Blade

Of course the MUT tool includes a high quality knife and saw blade, same blades as many high quality pocket knives made in the USA. The knife blade is three inches, which in most localities is perfectly legal to carry. The MUT has a replaceable cutting hook that can become a makeshift strap cutter.  The carabineer can also be used as a bottle opener; I guess a cold beer while you clean your firearm is perfectly called for. A bottle opener is another tool you don’t think about needing, until your staring at beer and debating damaging your counter to open it.

Bolt Over Ride Tool

Let’s talk about what makes the Leatherman MUT a little different than the rest of the multi tools out there and why gun owners will love it. It features a bolt over ride tool, so what exactly is this? Well, a bolt override tool is needed when a piece of brass gets stuck between the roof of the receiver, near the gas tube, and the top of the bolt. The override tool is used to pull the bolt back when the charging handle fails, and using your fingers isn’t an option. This feature is extremely useful in order to keep your gun in good conditions and avoid any unsafely gun cleaning practices.

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The Punch

Next we have a punch, and punch is probably the simplest tool when it comes to guns. It’s a simply a piece of straight steel that can be used ten times over for different things. First the Leatherman MUT’s punch is absolutely perfect for disassembling the trigger group on an AR 15. Sometimes you have that stack pin, take down bolt, or even a stiff mag that needs some encouragement to download.

Bronze Scraper

Cleaning stuck on carbon in a gun is a double edged sword. Stuck on carbon needs to come off, but what is the benefit of cleaning a weapon at the cost of scratching the finish? The MUT multi tool includes a bronze scraper. Bronze is a softer metal, and the scraper is designed to remove carbon without scratching or damaging the finish. The design and shape of the tool makes it easy to reach smaller and harder to reach areas.

The MUT also has the ability to attach a male or female end of a cleaning rod. This effectively makes this your universal three piece handle. You can mount cleaning rods or chamber brushes and punch your bore with ease. You also have a front sight adjustment tool built in for quick and easy adjustments in the field.

Final Thoughts

In this Leatherman MUT review we found that there are a few additional features that really make this multi tool shine. The Black Oxide finish is extremely tough, and extremely corrosion resistant. The Leatherman black oxide finish is perfect for hard and heavy use. The metal is a tough stainless steel as well. The multi tool also comes with a replaceable titanium pocket clip, which is new for Leatherman. This makes keep the device on a belt or in the pocket much easier.  If all else fails, and somehow the multi tool is destroyed you are covered by a twenty-five year warranty.

The MUT is a huge step forward for multi tools. This is the first multi tool built with firearms in mind. Not only that, but the redesigned features make it a valuable multi tool for non-shooters as well. I do believe and hope that Leatherman will incorporate these features in their next few multi tools. The Leatherman MUT is a great multi tool, designed to do work, and do it well.


  1. My favorite is the Leatherman Micra. Always have it in my pocket. Well, except at the airport.

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