July 16, 2014

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Review of Leatherman New Wave Multi Tool

The times a multi tool has been exactly what I needed in a pinch are too high to count. I believe everyone should own a multi tool. Even someone with little experience in do- it-yourself, repairs, or any form of mechanics or construction can find value in having a multi tool around the house. In fact, if you aren’t going to keep a tool box in your home or apartment, then you should at the minimum have a multi tool handy.

With this being said it’s easy to make the mistake of buying the first multi tool you see in the dollar store. These are often cheap and break pretty fast, the knife and saw blades will dull and be nearly useless. The pliers will bend, the wire cutters will barely cut paper, and the screw driver will be a joke. A quality Leatherman packed to the brim with tools is a much better option for only slightly more than the cheapo tool.

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Leatherman New Wave Review: First Impression

The Leatherman Wave is the most popular multi tool Leatherman has. The Wave is the perfect representation of Leatherman products. The quality, tools, and price have made this a favorite Leatherman. This multi tool is a perfect jack of all trade style tools and it is not designed with a specialty use, but for any kind of use.

The Wave is a very solid tool, even when placed under stress it does not give the feeling of bending or straining. The tool is tough and solid. Because of the solid construction and frame, the Wave does come in at a hefty eight ounces. Eight ounces is slightly on the heavy side when riding in the pocket, but once placed in a pouch becomes much more comfortable. This tool is designed to be carried when it’s going to be used. As an everyday carry tool it’s a bit much.

The Wave features an impressive 17 tools. Basically, you have a small tool box in your pocket. Like I said, if you don’t carry a multi tool and you’re not too handy this is a great tool to keep in the drawer or the closet just in case. A major addition to this design is the fact all the tools lock. This is extremely handy, and much safer when dealing with sharp tools.

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The Pliers are tough and the body of the multi tool makes an awesome grip. The pliers definitely feel strong and the ridges guarantee a sure grip. The solid construction of the tool gives me a lot of confidence when twisting, pulling, or bending with these pliers. The wire cutters are longer than earlier Waves models and work very well. I tested the wire cutter with some old wire hangers. First, I started with one to see the result, it was smooth and fast. Later, I began adding additional strands to test the toughness. They cut whatever I threw at them, and cut it quick. The only problem I had with the wire cutters is they aren’t replaceable. So you need to use them properly in order to avoid damages.


The tools also feature a double sided file, one side for wood and one side for metal. I didn’t have much to do for the wood file so I used it to smooth out a corner on my workbench and it worked well. Like all multi tool files its short so you have to put in some extra time. I used the metal file to smooth a burr on a revolver base pin that was bothering me. The file worked perfectly for the small job.


The small scissors are a tool most may regard as useless, until you need them. The small scissors are surprisingly tough and especially the spring action, it is quite impressive. The medium screw driver is a quick and handy tool, probably the most used besides the knife blade. Also included is a large and small bit driver. Of course included in this bit driver is a bit kit with multiple Phillips heads and flat tip bits. You have a lot of options with a screw driver, large and small bits. No size of screw shall stop you.

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Next we come to the blade. Made of tough 420 HC the steel is tough and element resistant. The blade holds an edge even after time and heavy use. The blade doesn’t bend or falter, and cuts through rope, twine, and tape with ease. The Saw blade is just as tough and perfect for small cutting jobs; of course, it’s no replacement for a regular saw.

Three tools that may rarely be used are still tough as nails. The can opener is perfect and easy to use with a little practice, handy if you are camping or in a survival situation. The next tool is the bottle opener, and lastly a ruler is built onto the handle. Leatherman really crammed some tools into this thing.

Last Thoughts

The Wave is honestly the perfect multi tool for both the do-it-yourself crowd and the this-is-the-only tool-I-will-ever-own crowd.  The Wave can ride in the pocket, tool box, the boat, and the truck and be handy in any of them.

The Wave has some optional accessories one can purchase, including bit driver extender, an additional bit kit, flashlight combo sheath, leather or nylon sheath, lanyard and pocket clip. Leatherman also realizes that the troops love and use these tools, and designed a sheath built for use with a MOLLE system, which is the common webbing used to hold military gear.

The multi tool has a few characteristics. As mentioned the tools all lock into place. The Wave is made of tough stainless steel. There is also a black oxide version available. The black oxide is an incredibly tough finish that looks great. This type of finish is perfect for the military, since the regular stainless steel is shiny and reflective. Many of the tools are able to be operated with only one hand. Plus Leatherman offers a 25 year warranty on all their products. Leatherman also has amazing customer service and quick turnaround for any work done.

All-in-all the Wave is an amazing tool that can be used in almost any situation. The amount of tools makes it invaluable to anyone.

Let us know what are your thoughts!