October 15, 2014

Outdoor Sales

Leatherman Skeletool CX MultiTool

In my opinion the Leatherman Skeletool CX is the multi tool to replace a folding pocket knife. It is light and easy to carry thanks to its compact size. Five ounces is barely a blip on the radar that is my pocket. Keeping things at minimum weight and volume are a must if you enjoy traveling and outdoor adventures. The lower weight just makes carrying the multi tool a joy, and much easier than using a belt pouch.  Having a multi tool with these characteristics definitely is a great asset for you. The Skeletool CX is the design that has rewritten the book on multi tools.


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Leatherman Skeletool CX Review: First Thoughts

For the first time in a long time it truly seems like Leatherman has thrown out the old designs and started from scratch. The tool retains the classic Leatherman pliers, but that’s about it. This design is definitely part of the new school of multi tools.

The overall of the length of the multi tool closed is four inches. The combination of light weight and shorter overall length make this multi tool just as convenient as any pocket knife. A lot of the weight cut is from the Spartan design. The Skeletool CX does not have any specialized tools, it only retains just the basic tools most one needs on a daily basis. Opening these tools is effortless and smooth from the very beginning. Everything moves with grace and clicks into place and gives you a sense of satisfaction and workmanship.

My first impression of the Skeletool multi tool is its appearance. It has a certain gracefulness to it, and the appearance is so much different from the traditional blocky multi tool. This multi tool has curves and lines that show a design with some ascetics in mind, and a easy everyday carry tool.  The holes machined into the tools are designed to both save weight and look awesome.

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Best Features

A lot of times people associate weight with strength and quality, and that’s not the case here. The lighter weight does not mean lowered quality, and breakable tools.  The Leatherman quality is still present. This tool will withstand years and years of heavy work. The Skeletool can be tossed around, beaten up, dropped, thrown, and even submerged and it will keep going. You can see where the Skeletool draws its namesake.

It really seems like Leatherman designed the Skeletool to be as handy as possible. The carabineer is extremely handy to quickly clip the knife anywhere. The pivot screw on the knife is larger than average and really easy to open, even wearing leather work gloves.


The blade is made 154CM stainless super steel, and the edge holds very, very well. I gave the knife a run around, cutting rope and twine of varying thicknesses. I stripped the bark off branches, cut into plastics and carved notches into wood.  The knife help up, the blade is short at only a little over two and a half inches. The finish held strong as well, and the metal resisted chips or blemishes. One of my favorite features on this multi tool is the fact I can open the blade without opening the multi tool. This means I can do it one handed while holding whatever else I had to work with.

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The pliers are slightly smaller than most Leatherman models, both in length and thickness. They do feature the standard wire cutters all Leathermans have. I tried out the pliers first, using them to grip and twist nuts off bolts, to aid bending thin metals, and a variety of other oddball tasks I could come up with. The plier’s grip was amazing, it held very well. This is where I felt the thinness and small grips the most, they weren’t the most comfortable to grip things tight with.

Wire Cutters

The wire cutters were spot on though. I started small and worked my way up, starting with a coat hanger, then to thicker and thicker gauges of wire, and finishes by cutting thin nails in half. They worked great, but had the same problems with a tight grip not being incredibly comfortable. I could feel the thin metal bite a bit when I really torqued down on it.

Bit Driver

The Bit driver and spare bits was spot on though. The bit driver is designed to work with the handles open and better simulates a screw driver this way. The Bit drive itself is compatible with all Leatherman bits and the Leatherman bit extender. The driver actually locks, and that’s pretty handy and I’m surprised this was the first time I have seen that. After I discovered this locking feature I have become spoiled, and now I don’t think I ever want to use a bit driver without a lock again. The extra bits provided are a tight fit and feels like it will hold well. The bits are only held in by friction, which wasn’t a problem so far, but after years of use things may loosen.

The multi tool also features a removable and replaceable pocket clip for easy access. The Leatherman of course features a 25 year warranty so you’ll probably lose it before you break it. There is also a variety of sheaths available for it. You have the option for a basic leather belt, to the tactical MOLLE attachment for flak jackets or load bearing gear, and a flashlight-multi tool combo pouch.

Last Thoughts

After doing this Skeletool CX Review, I can tell that The Skeletool is setting the standard for multi tool design. I do believe it will not be very long before we see other companies beginning to emulate this design. We may be seeing less and less of the traditional rectangle, and blocky shaped multi tools. The sleek, weight saving design is going to become more and more common. The Skeletool CX multi tool is a simple and effective. Its Spartan design is both lightweight and tough, and bound to become a favorite tool in the multi tool world.

Let us know what are your thoughts!