November 1, 2014

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Leatherman Style CS Review

No matter how basic or complete, Leatherman products are regarded as the most copied tool sets in the market. You will find countless similar products that may look like Leatherman items, but they don’t have the same quality and features that raised the company’s status in the market. One of its famous products is the Leatherman Style CS, which is often found with a counterfeited version in stores, so be careful! In this review I will go through some great features of an Original Leatherman Sytel CS.

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About Leatherman Style CS

Many websites today hosts Leatherman Style CS reviews with all stating how great this product is. Style CS emerges as one of the latest items coming from the top tool set brand and a member of the Style series. By looking at this item simplicity, many people think that it’s a not a powerful tool and that may not work that much for them. However, don’t be deceived by its looks as it offers more features than what you expect.

Leatherman Style CS Simple and minimalist look

Pocket multitools tend to look bulky even if they only have several tools in it. Leatherman Style CS, however, has the simple minimalist look that you would be proud to show off. It looks refreshing because of its compact design together with other design elements that make it look unique. You can think about its styling design as a combination of elements taken from the Leatherman Skeletool and Leatherman MUT with a very modern looking. This great multitool is also really popular among the women market thanks to its lighter weight and easy to carry feeling. If you’re a lady outdoor lover and very meticulous when it comes to style, you’ll find this Leatherman item the right option for you. In fact, there is an especial pink edition of this multitool at

Style Cs Pink

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Basic tools with guaranteed quality

Being a simple item, the company included a limited set of tools that are used for basic needs. It has:

  • Knife
  • Spring-action scissors
  • Nail file
  • Bottle opener/carabiner
  • Tweezers
  • Flat and Philips screwdriver.

Looking at the toolset, you can say that they’re very basic, but you can be assured that the Style CS is designed with top quality engineering and a strong stainless steel body.

Three great advantages of this multi tool are:

  • Spring-action scissors: They are extremelly confortable to use.
  • Perfect bottle opener.
  • Outside opening blade.

Lightweight and easy to carry around

Countless Leatherman Style CS reviews found online praise this product’s light weight and easy to carry features. It weighs around 1.40 ounces and with an included key ring. Hence, it can be placed on your bag as a keychain multitool, ensuring that bringing it around won’t be a hassle for you.

Leatherman 25-year warranty

Leatherman trusts its products regardless of their function. Leatherman Style CS comes with up to 25 years of warranty just like its other products. Loyal Leatherman customers, as well as new buyers, find this impressive. Long years of warranty for a basic toolset are signs of how the company takes pride on its sold items. It knows that the quality of its products is something that last long that people will find beneficial for their money, especially if they are always going outdoors.

Leatherman Style CS review posts are generally positive because of its compact features and warranty. All individuals who got this toolset is very impressed and are still looking for other products to invest. As long as its Leatherman, buyers are assured of quality and customer satisfaction.

In conclusion, this is another great tool to have if you are in a budget and it is definitely a well designed multi tool. You can compare this multitool against our Best Multitool Chart to see if it fits your needs and your budget.

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