July 10, 2014

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Leatherman Surge Review

The Leatherman Surge is a titanic multi tool. The Surge is truly a beast of a tool. The Surge is a bruiser, made to be beaten up, tossed around, and worked hard. The Surge is one of Leatherman’s largest multi tools and it is tough to beat.

At first sight the Surge is an eye pleasing multi tool. This obviously really shouldn’t be a huge factor in how to choose a multitool, but none the less there is no reason function can’t look good. Beauty and function should go hand in hand. It is kind of like a Corvette, a beautiful car that flies down the road. The overall design in devoid of excess markings, which I like because I hate owning a billboard on my multi tool. The finish is a smooth stainless steel, and has the right kind of shine to catch your eye. The tools are all designed for function, but are smooth and appear almost artisan in nature.

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The first thing you notice picking the Leatherman Surge up is the weight. This thing is a lineman, it weighs twelve and a half ounces. This multi tool is nearly a pound of metal, and you feel a certain surety when it comes to the weight this tool packs. This multi tool was not built to be delicate with.

The Leatherman Multi Tool packs 18 tools in its bad self. The Surge is built to be on a job site, while it is also suitable for the outdoors type. An electrician, a carpenter, or anyone whose job is to build things will love this multi tool.

Leatherman Surge Review – Pliers

First off the pliers are what you’ve come to expect from Leatherman. Able to twist, grip, bend, and do anything you need it to. The pliers are larger than any pocket multi tool pliers. In fact, Leatherman claims these are the longest they’ve ever made. The pliers are more reinforced than normal and have more squeezing force than most. The wire cutters were tough as nails, literally I went out and cut nails with these things. Will I ever really have to cut a nail? No probably not, but I can.

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Leatherman Surge Blade and Saw

The heavy and durable 420HC steel blade is also an extra-large tool. This is also the largest blade Leatherman has ever put on their multi tools, as large many army combat knife. The edge holds very well, and after a hard day of work it still smoothly cut through rope, paracord, and twine. I also had to cut a plant out of a pot on a recent landscaping job and this thing slid right through the plastic pot.

The small saw included was a powerhouse as well. It was perfect for trimming some tight quarter carpentry work. The blade cut extremely well, and I have a lot of confidence in that little saw. The Leatherman Surge also includes a wood and metal file as well as a diamond coated file, which are perfect for both small wood craftsmanship and some emergency metal trimming. The files are tough and actually work very well for the niche they fill.

Leatherman Surge Tools

As I mentioned before this is a great tool for the various kinds of construction you’ll see on a job site. Just for an electrician you have a wire stripper and an electrical crimping tool. These do not feel like add on tools either, but tools an electrician could really use at any moment. I’m not an electrician, but I’ve shocked myself more than a few times, so take my opinion for what it is.

Even if you don’t swing a hammer for a living you are going to run into screws, that just part of life. Ever needed half a dozen different sizes of screw drivers? If you said no, then you don’t have kids on Christmas who love electronics.  The Surge can take care of you though. The Surge features a large bit driver, a small bit driver, and a large screw driver. The bit drivers are also compatible with the Leatherman bit extender, for when you need a little extra reach. There are a large variety of sizes and types of bits the Leatherman Surge can utilize, so the likelihood of you coming up empty handed is low.

The scissors are also the toughest pair I’ve come across on a multi tool. They feel and are strong. I used these to cut 550 cord, plastic, paper, and even thin wire. The scissors are often overlooked on a multi-tool, but in my opinion can be easier to cut some materials than a knife blade.

You also have a tough as hell awl, that comes with a threaded loop for stitching if necessary. Of course a 9 inch ruler is included. You also have a can opener and a bottle opener for a lunch or an after work beer.

My favorite feature of this knife is the unique blade exchanger allowing you to attach different blades. I experimented with a few different brands, and Dewalt fit very well, I couldn’t find any Bosch blades that allowed the Surge to close. This did give me the idea that I could use larger blades if I needed, and blades are cheap and easy to pack.

While the model I tested had a stainless finish there is a black oxide finish available as well. The black oxide finish is incredibly tough and resistant to corrosion and chipping. There are a variety of sheaths available for this beast, leather, nylon, and even a MOLLE sheath. The MOLLE sheath comes in large and extra-large, I found the extra-large sheath much easier to remove the tool, but the large offered more retention. Also available is a removable pocket clip if you choose not to go the sheath route.

The Leatherman Surge is definitely the way you go when you’re looking for a full size multi tool. The strength and quality of craftsmanship is amazing. The amount of tools makes it incredibly versatile. The Surge does have weight issues, but on a sheath is comfortable, in a pocket you’ll find it filling.

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