September 20, 2014

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SOG Powerassist Review

SOG knives have been in the market since 1980s due to its high-grade products. The 1986 knife was launched to establish a memorabilia product from the company. However, the company diverted from simply making quality knives, but create something more functional than before. SOG Powerassist Multi-Tool is one of the knives that promote the brand’s quality and the goal of providing customer satisfaction for people who will buy its items.

Before buying this tool, you need to read this SOG Powerassist Review to have an idea about what you receive in the product.

Overall Feel in Using the Product

SOG has this reputation of producing sturdy and high density tools, so you can expect immediately that SOG Powerassist Multi-Tool has the weight. Weighing around 9.5 ounces, this multi-tool is perhaps one of the heaviest you will every hold. It may not be the right option for someone looking for a lighter multitool to use. Regardless of the weight, SOG ensures users will not have any problems operating the unit. It’s designed with smoother function to make sure every tool is accessible whenever they are needed.

The tool is also comfortable to use due to its handle design. It might be heavy, but you won’t have any problems holding the unit.

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Components Installed in the Product

You get a lot of tools being a multi-tool set from the famous brand. Pliers are supported with gears that guarantee ease of use and effective fixing each time. Many individuals experienced exerting utmost effort in using pliers, but it won’t be experienced with this product.

Blades installed in the unit will easily pop when used. On the other hand, it will also lock safely into place to ensure your safety. You don’t have to worry about potential wounds it may cause.
Screwdrivers and cutters are also in SOG Powerassist Multi-Tool that empowers it in letting you work on multiple project that come your way. Every tool also comes with the same performance with its operation. Other tools are also included that make the product live up to its name as a multi tool set.

Manufacturing concerns

SOG Powerassist Multi-Tool indeed has the gears that make it a highly reliable tool to use whether for emergency repairs or not. Buyers may raise concern about the parts manufactured in Taiwan. Parts are made in the country but are assembled in the United States. Thus, posing some concerns about quality. For the record, SOG is a trusted brand and has established its name in the market. Therefore, buyers need not to worry about the quality because how the company presented its products. The tool itself feels sturdy and it won’t be a problem for everyone to use for repairs.

This product receives many SOG Powerassist Multi-Tool Review posts from repairmen or those doing DIY repairs at home or outdoors. With its quality, buyers will be guaranteed of high-end performance that they own. Check the tool online and see what it offers for yourself and make it as your future investment.

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