September 20, 2014

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SOG Specialty Knives & Tools FSA8-CP Flash II Knife Review

A Comprehensive SOG Flash II Review

As an avid knife collector, who is always the first to know whenever a new knife is out in the market, I can say that I am pretty much familiar with the SOG Flash II folding knife. I decided to give the knife a try which is what I would always do whenever a new knife is out in the market and especially since the knife does not cost a lot. Yes, it is one of the most inexpensive knives I have ever gotten a hold of, so far. So how does the knife perform? Read this SOG Flash II review to find out more.

My First Impression

When I first got a hold of my SOG Flash II knife, I noticed that it is very lightweight, and I’m happy with that because that is what I really want my pocket knife to be. The handle is lovely as well, as it is made from a beautiful textured nylon with reinforced glass. It is a hard and somewhat dense kind of plastic but it is very stable.

As for the blade, my first impression about it is not really that good. It is just a simple plain edge design, although it is long and straight and it seems like it is really exceptional when making clean cuts and trimming thick materials. And when I finally got to test it, I can say that it is indeed impressive. I tried it on paper, plastic sheeting, wires, rope, thick plastic, foam and packaging materials, and the way it cuts exceeded my expectations.


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Overall Performance

SOG Specialty Knives & Tools FSA8-CP Flash II Knife with Straight Edge Assisted Folding 3.5-Inch Steel Drop Point Blade and GRN Handle, Satin Finish reviewOn this SOG Flash II review, I must say that the overall performance of the knife is impressive. As mentioned previously, the way it cuts exceeded my expectations. But aside from that, I was impressed at how quick the blade deployment is. It is so quick that it took me a bit longer to get myself used to with the knife when I compare it with my other knives. The knife literally opens in a flash with just a simple press on the thumbstud. The spring loaded lock would pop up as well, whenever the knife is fully deployed, and wedges itself in between the blade tang as well as the knife handle.

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Handling and Carrying Clip

The handle of the knife is textured on both sides, which I kind of love, since it prevents the knife from slipping off my hands. It also features molded grooves on the back and although these grooves are not really deep enough to be able to provide much grip, I think they are better than nothing.

The clip features a simple design, but it works quite well and allows for deep carrying and easy handling. You can choose to carry the knife on your belt, clip it on a pouch or a handbag, or whatever you like. For this SOG Flash II review, I must say that the handling and the clip of the knife are just the average.

In conclusion to this SOG Flash II review, I can say that the SOG Flash II is built for light and medium tasks, although given at how great it cuts, I would assume that it can work well with heavy duty jobs as well.

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