October 31, 2014

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Reviewing the Victorinox Spirit Multi Tool

Victorinox is a company some of us here in the states may be a little unfamiliar with. Well, we may be unfamiliar with the name Victorinox, but most of us are familiar with their products. If you ever owned a Swiss army knife you’re a little familiar with Victorinox. Actually a Swiss army knife was not only my first knife, but in a way my first multi tool. Victorinox does not make the cheap dollar store Swiss army knife you’ve seen a hundred times. They make very high quality knives and multi tools. Victorinox started making the more traditional multi tools in the late 90s. Their actual cutlery experience goes back all the way back over a hundred years ago. They started making Swiss Army Knives in the late 1800s. When you’ve been making knives and tools for over a hundred years you tend to get pretty good at it. The Victorinox Multi tools may not show up as often as a Gerber or a Leatherman here in the states, but you can rest assured they are quality tools. The Victorinox Spirit has been called the Gentleman’s multi tool.  The design is gorgeous, very smooth, and I don’t know if a multi tool can be called stylish, but the Victorinox Spirit could easily be stylish. There is a lot of grace built into their tool. The Spirit combines class and function in one beautiful package.

Victorinox Spirt

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The Spirit contains twenty seven tools, which is more than enough for any quality multi tool. The amount of tools the Spirit has set’s into the full sized class of multi tools. Even with all these tools, the Spirit comes in at under seven and a half ounces. You really can’t beat the weight to tool ratio here. The Spirit was so good looking it felt more like an implement than a tool, and I had this odd feeling like I shouldn’t get it dirty. Alas, I had to review it and this meant I was putting this thing to work. I tried out some of the bigger tools.

Victorinox Spirit – Blades

First off the blade was a combination straight and serrated. The serrated takes up most of the blade with only about a quarter of it being straight. The serrated blade makes tougher cutting easier, like fabrics and thicker plastics. Unfortunately the serrations also make precision cuts a little more difficult. The blade was very sharp though, and held a good edge after some tough work.

Victorinox Spirit – Pliers

The Pliers are a bit of a weak point. They are very blunt and definitely not exactly needle nose pliers. The pliers were strong though, and the teeth held a very firm grip. I do wish the pliers had a spring action, but it’s nor a necessity. The wire cutters worked very well, and cut with very little effort on my part. When I first used the pliers I realized the how comfortable the grips were, this is due to the curvy shape of the handles. They were very solid, very comfortable, and fit my hand perfectly. Get over 30% discount at Amazon.com – Click here to read Amazon reviews.

Victorinox Spirit – Screw Driver

Next is the tool I used most often on a multi tool, the screw driver. Or screw drivers in this case. You actually get three slotted drivers, a small, medium, and large. The various sizes are incredibly handy. You also get a medium Philips head driver. So all together you have four screw drivers. Again the grip makes using them very comfortable.

Victorinox Spirit – Saw and File

The saw is a tool I rarely use on my multi tools. I usually don’t have the patience, and I usually have a regular size saw on hand. I did like the extremely aggressive teeth the saw had. I practiced on a few branches and it sliced through inch and half to two inch branches with ease. The saw was easy to use, just short like all multi tool saws. Next is the file, another tool I have rarely used on any multi tool. The Victorinox Spirit’s file was more than up to a few tasks. I used it on both wood and metal. I used a cheap screw driver that had a few burs, so I smoother them out. Because my wife would kill me if I started filing the furniture I dug up a few pieces of scrap wood and took the file to town on it. The file also has a metal saw built into it, which is very strong. The teeth do not feel like they’d chip or break even on rough metal.

Victorinox Spirit – Bottle opener, Can opener, and Scissors

Of course you have both a bottle opener and a can opener. The can opener can be an essential survival tool in a pinch, or a good camping tool. The bottle opener is something you hate to not have. Both work very well and I have no complaints. The scissors were tough, especially for spring action scissors. The scissors cut through paper, card board, and cloth without much struggle. The scissors were actually longer than normal multi tool scissors which expedites cutting. These are actually the best scissors of the multi tools I’ve encountered. The Spirit’s tools are all one hand operable, which is a must in multi tools these days. Honestly if you are using a multi tool your hands have a much higher likelihood of being busy. The tools are all made from stainless steel so rust doesn’t need to be a worry.  The Spirit is extremely ergonomically built, and incredibly comfortable. Get over 30% discount at Amazon.com – Click here to read Amazon reviews. The Victorinox Spirit may not be an American multi tool, and many people may not be familiar with the company, but the Spirit is a multi-tool that is up to par with any Gerber or Leatherman. The Spirit is a tough as nails multi tool. The style makes the Spirit an extremely attractive multi tool, especially for those who want a little bit of Swiss class with their tools. The Victorinox Spirit came with a very nice leather pouch, with a small Victorinox logo. The pouch held the tool firmly, and I’d have confidence the tool would not fall out if the pouch was open. Like everything else about this tool the pouch is described best with one word, refined.

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